Security Advisor – Security Manager

SKA SIKURA has qualified personnel able to offer advice in the field of security and social control, the above personnel has been trained, in the specific field, at leading Italian Universities.
The security consultant or rather Security Manager, participates, even necessary, during specific meetings in order to “discuss” any possible problem related to Security and/or respond, in full form and with full knowledge of the facts, to any request or interpellation.
The increase in micro-crime has generated in the citizens a strong sense of insecurity. SKA Sikura works in order to do not translate it into a sense of distrust towards the Authorities. For this reason it is considered extremely important for the Companies and the Public Administrations to equip themselves with a Security Manager for Security controls made by professionals.
The Company that decides to work with professionals on security, will certainly see an action aimed to ensuring their own security and the protection of their interests.