Investigations and Defensive Technology for Companies

SKA SIKURA offers to its customers environmental and telephone reclamation services carried out by specific equipment. Thanks to these devices it’s possible to detect any audio or audio/video intrusion system, on or off. Also telephone and electrical lines are monitored, together with the frequencies of any remote radio transmission system.
SKA Sikura also supports its customers choosing all the countermeasures to minimize the risk of possible subsequent interceptions and it carries out investigative services to deal with any problems related to the leakage of information.

Business information:

SKA Sikura supports since many years its customers during the verification of the integrity reliability about customers or business partners (corporate structure, shareholders’ interests, bill of exchange protests, balance sheets, ownership of real estate, bankruptcies, disqualifications from signing)

Investigations about industrial counter-espionage and unfair competition:

Thefts, sabotage, unauthorized accesses and protection of companies know-how;

Partners' reliability and loyalty:

One of SKA Sikura’s main goal is checking:
Morality, solvency, negativity, behaviours and acquaintances;

Property Investigations:

SKA Sikura is specialized on identifying hidden assets and property in order to collect debts;

Legal practices & Defensive:

SKA Sikura works since many years – together with professionals – on investigations about:

  • Marital infidelity;
  • child control,
  • bullying
  • mobbing
  • stalking and cybercrime
  • tracing of people of interest.

SKA Sikura guarantees to its customers the highest discretion in giving them all the collected informations. That in order to provide a reliable report able to be successfully used on private and judiciary;

Inventory differences:

SKA Sikura carries out services within sales points to identify the causes of shortages and/or shrinkage of the goods offered. It reports the most affected departments and then, it also provides efficient strategies.
SKA Sikura guarantees a strong team made with professionals on “Electronic technology labels”. Thanks to the application of a sophisticated labeling, SKA Sikura is able to trace all the selected products and most of all, to prevent eventually future episods!